The Belfast Squint // Taps Aff

On Easter Sunday, the weather here took a freakish turn for the warm and sunny we are LOVING IT, as is everyone else in NI. It’s been in the high 60s/low 70s, and we have taken full advantage!

We picniced in the local park, had a couple of lazy evening walks and were finally been able to hang our laundry on the line again! Unfortunately, this led to my tragic discovery that the neighborhood cats have been using our backyard as a giant litterbox. We have to buy a sonic noise repeller to keep the kittehs away. All of my pathetic efforts to make new cat friends are now meaningless, and my life is basically over.
Anyway, back to the good weather news: people here are exuberant when it’s nice outside. This was basically Matt and me when we saw the amazing forecast for this week:
On Easter Monday (holiday, woop woop!), we decided to walk downtown to do some shappin. As we basked in the sun, I was overjoyed to welcome the glorious return of The Belfast Squint™. What is The Belfast Squint, you ask?

I first coined the term last summer, when I thought to myself, “why does everyone look so generally unpleasant?” Eventually, I realized that NOBODY IN THIS COUNTRY WEARS SUNGLASSES. The result is that on super sunny days, everyone walks around town with seemingly angry, screwed-up faces because the sunshine is searing their eyeballs.
Behold: The Belfast Squint.

This is endlessly hilarious to me, since LA peeps wear sunglasses 24/7. I honestly don’t even think people here realize what sunglasses are actually for they probs think they’re for decoration. GET IT TOGETHER, NI. The Belfast Squint lives on.

The other funny thing about sunny days is that it’s TAPS AFF time. TAPS AFF (tops off) is the phenomenon in which a panoply of men all over the city walk around shirtless. As soon as the sun peeks through the clouds, BOOM! TAPS AFF.

You’re probably thinking “whatever, guys in Murica are shirtless!” True, though it’s almost always at the beach/park, or if the guy is jogging. Here, EVERYWHERE is fair game for shirtless wonders.

A lot of the TAPS AFF princes peacock around town, thinking they look like this:
When actually…
Just the other day, Matt and I were in a sporting apparel store. Sure enough, some old dude who wanted to try stuff on just took his shirt off in the store. I mean, who has time for dressing rooms, AMIRITE? Also: why shouldn’t we all get to revel in his tatted up, middle-aged body? What a time to be alive!

Tune in next time, when springtime rains kick in and I sink into a bottomless pit of existential despair! Jokes! …?

From beautiful East Belfast,


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