Racism – it’s everywhere!


It’s only natural that after you’ve lived somewhere for a while, the luster begins to fade and you develop certain pet peeves about your new environment. And so it begins with me & beautiful Belfast. There are so many wonderful things about this place, but at the moment BIG FAT RACISTS are ruining everything.

Since I moved here last year, there has been a spate of hate crimes in our area. The victims are mostly Eastern European immigrants and black people. Just this week, some sacks of garbage disguised as humans burned down a Lithuanian lady’s nail salon in our neighborhood for zero reason whatsoever. THANKS FOR LETTING DOWN HUMANITY.

Then, on a less extreme but more pervasive level, casual racism finds its way into conversations. There’s nothing quite like discovering that one of your acquaintances is racist. It’s kind of like finding a dead fly in an Arby’s sandwich. You’re disgusted, but not that surprised since Arby’s is crap anyway.

So here’s a story: when I was working for a small company here in Belfast, I had a co-worker we’ll call Janet. I’d been warned about Janet, that she was “a bit sharp.” As far as I could tell, that was a fair description. She usually answered my cheerful greetings with a grunt. She was a bit of an anomaly, to be honest — all of my other co-workers were really friendly and chatty.

Well, one day Janet and I were in the office kitchen together. I think I was making smalltalk about the weather, and she surprised me by asking about the weather back home in California. LOL, cue me pathetically jumping at the chance to be her bud (“PICK ME PICK ME!!!!”), and I kept chatting.

She suddenly cut me off, sniping, “I don’t like America!”jlawok
I laughed. LOL!

I don’t really curr if someone doesn’t like the US, but I wanted to find out why. Brace yourself.

“Well, we went to New York. I hate New York. And we went to the Empire State Building. We were waiting for the elevator. The doors opened, and these coloured people—“

WAIT. What?

“These coloured people—“

Yeah, Imma stop you right there. A lot of olds here still use that term. Maybe it’s not politically incorrect yet in NI, but this is still me every time:

“These coloured people were inside the elevator. I was terrified! I’d never seen so many coloured people in my life! Don’t like America. Too many coloured people. Well, maybe not all places in America are like that. But New York was.”

I couldn’t believe it. I mean…what can you even say? Well, this pretty much sums it up.

Unfortunately, that’s not the first time I’ve heard hot trash come out of people’s mouths. Obvio there are fool racists everywhere in the world, but I guess I’ve lived in a sheltered bubble until now because it totally floors me.

LOL, and speaking of floors, can we just stop for a second to marvel at the photo I snapped at a historic local cinema earlier this week? Matt pointed out the quirky carpet in the lobby, which featured movie stars all over it. Haha, cute!

Oh wait. Then there’s this:

Tragically, it’s not the Hamburglar. It’s effing Al Jolson in blackface. Sort your life out, NI.

So yeah, there you have it. Basically, these shenanigans combined with rampant homophobia have led to my semi-permanent state of existence:
From my high horse,


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