Summertime, and the blobbin’ is easy

And by easy I mean nonexistent. APOLOGIES 4EVAsorry
This summer has been a write-off in so many ways. Shall we name them?

First, the weather. POP QUIZ: see if you can decipher the following conversation!

Paddy: This weather is WICK. WICK!
Seamus: Aye, it’s pants.

What does it all MEAN, Basil?
a) Paddy and Seamus think the weather blows.
b) Paddy and Seamus think the weather is a candle and a pair of pants, respectively.
c) Paddy and Seamus think the weather is splendid.

If you used your context clues to deduce that the answer is A, congratulations! But also, I weep for humanity. Pretty much every day this summer, it has been in the 50s and raining. You know the movie “Wet Hot American Summer?” I am currently starring in “Wet Cold Irish Despair.” This is me every day:
Happily though, we managed to escape to some exotic locales over the past few months (as Facebook clearly reveals!). Here’s the condensed version.

End of June: Rome. Made all the more special thanks to the joyous reunion with the parental unit.

July: Brussels & Bruges. So romantic and gorgeous!

Also July: A wonderful Scottish wedding, complete with a ceilidh (traditional Scottish dancing), men in kilts, and cullen skink. Cullen skink is a pungent fish stew. This was my face when I smelled it:
But anyway, all that traveling meant lots and lots of delicious foodstuffs. We’re talking pizza & pasta & waffles & frites with mayo & cakes &  beer & wine ALL THE TIME. My summer spirit animal:
So this summer has also been a write-off in terms of me trying to bear any semblance of health or well-being. Since we’re not going anywhere for the next few months, though, I can try to reach equilibrium once more! Jokes, we all know I’m on my downward life spiral and will only balloon from here!!

The final summer write-off is our bank accounts, LOL. WE POOR NOW. However, we are both looking forward to chilling the eff out for the foreseeable future. Just having some nice, homecooked dindins while we watch Masterchef Australia. Awwwww yiuuuuh. And maybe blogging every once in a while ;).

Tuckered out,


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